Jack & Jamie

We are Jack and Jamie (not original names) with 25 years of collective experience working in boutique law firm, big four, in-house law function of mid-size organisation to large organisation with global operations 

Rich Experience

We have lead numerous organisation’s mandates of global and cross border implications and have gained extensive experience 


We have done quite a few process automations to bring efficiency in legal an compliance function and have implemented technology which are truly global in nature 


We have done setting-up of business operations in more than 25 countries spread in all continents (except Antarctica). This provided us unique opportunity to have first-hand on the ground experience and we truly enjoyed it !!!

Unique Experience

We have good understanding of global culture, multiple industries and by virtue of working in-house and in practice we bring unique experience on table 

Future Ready

We have close access to professional and organisations in technology, analytics and artificial intelligence who will partner with us to make smart technical platform