OB #1

There are variety of work where in-house legal team and organisation would need different legal skills and expertise. Traditional method of connecting with partner driven big law firm may not be the best or ideal way to deliver such work and in fact promoters and general counsels are looking out for reliable alternatives  

OB #2

Big law firms by virtue of their operating model (profit per partner) and other aspects have few inherited challenges 

OB #3

Even big organisations are facing challenges to afford access to quality legal support, either where they want or kind of support they need or in quantity they expect. 80-90% organisations are facing challenges to access effective legal support because of price barriers and awareness of reliable alternative support systems 

OB #4

Lot of efficiencies can be inbuilt in operating & delivering model by adopting good practices and embracing technology and it can bring legal cost down by 60-70% of what big law firm charge 

OB #5

Best of legal industry is yet to come and golden phase has started, darwin’s theory of evolution has slowly starting impacting the industry  

OB #6

Connected community is logical next step for growth of professional who have individual or midsize practice or have good online presence / network